About Us

About Hong Kong Fine Wine Exchange Centre Limited


   Hong Kong Fine Wine Exchange Centre Limited (HKFWEC) is devoted to promote wine culture since our founding. We aim at providing the best possible wines, multi wine events and professional services for all wine lovers. We are engaged in retail sales and wholesale of a wide spectrum of fine wine, wine related products and other spirits such as premium and rare whiskies, cognacs and Chinese baijiu in Hong Kong, as well as the provision of a range of customer-centric value-added services.
   HKFWEC possesses a strong base of customers, they are fine wine lovers with high level of wine related knowledge, and our comprehensive product portfolio encompassing wine from the world’s top estates are most welcomed by our clients. We also have close partnerships with star restaurants and premium members clubs.
   In recently years internet-based companies promise unrealistic deals and where pricing has become transparent we believe it is even more important to buy from a company that can deliver what it promises. All thewines on offer on this site belong to us
   In the coming years, HKFWEC is devoted on expanding our business. We will offer a wider range of high quality wines, more diversified activities and a more professional service.