General Sales Terms Acceptance

By passing an order on our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions (except if it was specifically stipulated or if there was a written agreement between the parties).


All our prices in fiat currencies are valid according to availability, except for special offers, promotions and gifts.

If items ordered are out of stock, HKFWEC may, with the customer's approval, offer another vintage or an equivalent wine, by way of replacement.

Prices are indicated in HKD, excluding VAT and excise duties. Prices in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are only indicative (source coinmarketcap) if they come out before Bitpay payment.

Our offers are dedicated to private consumers. Given the extremely rare or speculative nature of some of our products, HKFWEC reserve the right to apply restrictions on available quantities, or even to cancel an order which appears to be abnormal.

All orders are confirmed through the Email of the invoice but the delivery of the order is subject to the full and entire payment of the stated price (after confirmation from our bank that the funds have been received into our account).